Pretty Cure 22 23

WARNING This contains Spoilers

so if you haven’t been watching this series at all, I suggest stop reading and pick up Smile Precure! It really is an additive series and I am sure you like it as well. I mean whether you are 15 years old or nearly 30, girl or guy it doesn’t matter because in the end it’s only entertaining anime hehe.

So the reason why I choose these two episodes was  because they stood out enough to move me in a way that is hard to put into words though I am going to try anyways.

Watching the pretty cure team lose, falling into despair, and what they had to carefully think about before they could stand back up to fight was very moving. It’s like the whole act of desperation, you have a character that loses everything, makes a difficult decision, then struggle to fight back in order to win. I could even say that this act throughout both episodes had such of an impact on me that it almost made me get all teary eyed at certain parts.

At first I was cheering on Joker to beat them up, the reason being is we have seen them win every fight so far and it was time for them to lose at some point, however After they were defeated  Joker took it a step further that surprised me a little. Not only did he beat them by using their own attacks against them he also crushed their hopes and smiles by putting them into eternal despair taking the last bit of bad energy from them. The terrified expressions the girls displayed on their faces caught me by surprise, mainly Yayoi’s and Miyuki’s expressions because usually they are smiling, being cheerful, and doing something cute or silly.

Episode 22 was very nicely done in my opinion, it wasn’t rushed at all giving each character a moment to themselves to think what is most important to them. Of course we knew what was going to happen and sure enough we were right, but wouldn’t be interesting if one of them actually decided They didn’t want to continue fighting? or maybe they just wished them luck and went back home?

This series is very predictable but I always have a saying, “It’s all about how they win and what it took for them to win because that makes it more meaningful”. Seeing Miyuki take up the leader position briefly stating what was at risk and hearing what Pop had to say and how the other girls thought was very touching, it made me ask myself a few times..”am I really watching an anime that is made to be a family friendly series filled with rainbows and friendship?” this is what you’d usually think of when you hear about Smile precure. For me it felt much more then that, like one of the emotional episode of Fairytail or something.I think Smile Precure has a bit of everything in it for everyone to enjoy not just a certain target of people.

So what about episode 23 huh!? It starts off with the Precure team reaching the Bad End Kingdom, the girls split up against the villains while Miyuki can try to save candy safely and they can all return home. This scene was great, because  it splits the characters up so they can fight one on one with the villains except for Reika and Pop who team up against Joker, but she probably needed the extra help to fight joker hehe.

The artwork picked up here and was amazing! It treated us to some stunning and fluid animation resulting in some epic fighting scenes, with all of these visuals coming together it made this episode very entertaining to watch. This episode alone was so worth it though! I mean seeing how each character struggled to keep standing toe to toe with these villains only to get knocked down again and again. Then suddenly when the moment where you began to smile to yourself and stare at the screen and say some cheesy line, “oh you have no idea what’s coming”,”you’ve done it now”  or “alrighty Precure girls now it’s time for the comeback, take them out!”

After watching the precure team stand up for the final round was beautiful, and dear I say even more epic animation!? Watching the girls just come back strong and show these generals what friendship is all about and developer the crushing blows was the most amazing part of this episode. Each of the girls owned them with a ton of spirit and some flashy moves.Then just when you thought it was all over Pierrot is revived, of course right? why not. Pierrot gets up and fires a deadly cannon attack blowing them down once more, but they get protection from the pegasus thus receiving a new power up which is pretty neat I might add. I think i’ve said epic several times, but again pretty epic attack and sooo many colors.. oh and.. well unicorns, aren’t my thing.. but hey add some unicorns to the mix. So a long post but i wanted to get it out there and just share the awesomeness that i felt through this episode.. thanks for reading.


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