Best of Spring 2012

Hello, looks like i am back to blogging again hopefully things work out this time. So an introduction post on my favorite spring 2012 anime. As my about section says my personal goals this round is to mainly have fun and share my opinions on shows and what I find amusing, neat, awesome, cool, fun and that sort of thing. As well as hear the feedback or criticism from the readers. So with that.. my favorite anime series last spring are…

Aquarion Evol

At first I wasn’t looking forward to this series I wasn’t sure what they could change with it I mean it’s  basically the same plot as the first one and how will it be different? after watching a few episodes it surprised me and actually turned out pretty good and making my list of series that are a Must watch and finish!”. The characters sold this series for me along with some great voice actors like Megumi Nakajima, I was instantly a fan of hers after her role as Ranke Lee in Macross Frontier additionally she is a singer! and my other favorite  Hanazawa Kana her voice is just so great, I just love to see her name pop up in upcoming shows which pushes me enough to want to see their work, I become a fan after her role as Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos. Both of these voice actresses helped keep the series entertaining for me although, sadly Megumi’s role was somewhat short but whatever she was still good enough to win me over hehe.

Now character wise Hole, Andy W and MIX were just an awesome pair or couple if you want to go that far, but you might of seen coming already because I mean Andy makes holes and she fills them! What can be more perfect than that? Whenever she gets on to him they both act a bit crazy but they were  fun to watch. Oh and Andy has some of the best one liners!  He cracked me up everytime. Next up you have Poor little Zessica…I was totally rooting for her the entire time and I personally wanted her to get with Amata in the end, but we all know anime… they already have it set all up who will end with who, which didn’t kill the show for me or make me stop watching it, it was like a personal wish for me.

And now time for the Action of Aquarion Evol! Which means mecha battles, but they were fantastic and ridiculous at the same time like the way they named the attacks and such. Some of them fit nicely while others made you burst out laughing just like the original series did. Usually I don’t like whole mixing of 2D with 3D because sometimes the results are poorly done and can turn me off from an anime series, however with Evol it actually worked out  nicely and was happy with the robot fighting.  the ending of Aquarion Evol I personally felt it was a good ending, leaving the viewers to play “what happens now?” or “what will happen afterwards?”. I wouldn’t mind a Movie or some type of ova like maybe a after story set up or something like that ? So farewell Evol you were entertaining and worth my time!

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of the Dead

On to the next series, I already knew this series was going be an great and I wanted to watch it right away! I mean the first series was a fun crazy ride that left me wanting more. The plot took me by surprise I had to read it a few times thinking “this sounds very interesting I have to check it out”.
When I heard it was going to get a second season I got excited thinking about why I loved season one aka magical girls, zombies, necromancers and general awesomeness!

All the characters in this series are great, my favorite was Hisako Kanemoto voicing Yuki “Tomonori” Yoshida , Another voice actress I enjoying hearing I mean its kracken Ika-Musume for squiding out loud! I can pick up on her voice fairly easy without looking it up hehe. Yuki’s character  is quite amusing to watch when she is around Ayumu and she is always trying to be a better wife for him while at school. Next up Haruna she would be my second favorite girl, who doesn’t like a magical girl with a chainsaw?! Well she is sometimes a magical girl due to her lack of magic…I like that she is very energetic and claims to be a genius despite having all of her inventions backfire on her,plus she is into science which is always great!

This series had so much to offer me from ninjas, vampires, zombies, magical girls and of course necromancers. Kore wa zombie desu ka? has just about everything I could ask for resulting in a really great series. So the second season is over which means will we get a few Ova’s or maybe a Movie later on? Who knows! I will have to keep my craving for more of this anime to a minimum at least…for now.


This series I really wanted to check out, I didn’t really care too much about it at first because the original anime didn’t really keep my attention, I hardly remember the ending and I don’t feel like watching it all over again. With Fate Zero it showed me what events took place before Fate/Stay Night, which really grabbed my attention and made me want to really watch it. This anime was amazing right down to the brand new character while keeping some of the classic characters from Fate/Stay Night. It also updated the artwork making it feel fresh and that they really spent the money well to bring such a gorgeous looking anime to life . The plot was the same as the first series, not too much different really. Watching this anime made me want to watch more just to see how it plays out up to the ending and I kept wondering how they were going to tie the stories together.

The one character I liked was Iskandar or Rider for his class role, I really enjoyed watching him while listening to him talk about conquest to Waver Velvet as well as  how he was amazed about the modern world. Kiritsugu Emiya was also one of the my other favorites in this series, I mean watching his character developed throughout the story as well as a his personal background, seeing that it really helped me to understand what the hell he had to go though right up to the very end.  Fate/Zero had its share of ups and downs for me some days I wasn’t looking foward to the next episode and the long break in the middle didn’t help me either because when it returned I had a hard time paying attention and staying focused on it. Slowly though I got back into it and I think this was after that giant monster fight and getting to know kiritsugu is where I started to enjoy it again, as well as some plans the character had worked out. In my opinion they did an impressive job with Fate/Zero, it makes me wonder if they are going to update Fate/Stay Night or if they will be doing more with the Fate franchise, because they have some really great stories and and interesting ideas to use.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

After watching a few episodes I found myself enjoying this series it cracked me up every week and I was already looking forward to it.I Kept wondering how they were going to pull off lovecraft ,which I haven’t read anything of his work, with this crazy plot because I felt it was a bit out there and I was also curious to see for myself. There was sooo many parodies flying at me that I picked up on some right away and a few that my brother pointed out to me that I missed. The characters of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san in were always so silly and fun to watch every week. I liked how each of them knew each other and yet the main character Mahiro really did not want anything to do with them because he just wanted a quiet and peaceful life.

My favorite character was Kuuko because she was just always silly especially when she had some perverted thoughts about Nyaruko and her desires to be in love with Nyaruko no matter what or who was in the way and the way she kept calling Mahiro Yaska “Boy?” Instead of his real name really amused me. I also like how lore surrounding the “aliens” points out that Nyaruko is her enemy but that doesn’t stop Kuuko because she loves her deeply! There wasn’t much to really say about this series, but It was sure enjoyable and I am sure they will manage to make a second season one day. I often thought I was watching some spin off series of To Love Ru because it felt somewhat similar to me but of course it was different hehe, I look forward to seeing what they decide to do next with this crazy series if they even do another one.

Medaka Box

Medaka Box is yet another series that didn’t look all that great to me and honestly sounded kinda dumb but, I gave it a shot anyway! I remember I was really ready to drop this series after watching the first two episodes. The one thing that keep me watching was GAINAX, this is a production studio that I am a huge fan of and like seeing whatever they work on. I decided to just keep going after all i keep hearing how good the manga was, then there was a certain episode where Myouri Unzen was introduced along with the other members of class 13. It seemed like each student had some type of super powers? or something which started to make things quite interesting for me.

My  favorite character was  Harigane Onigase, who works as a Public Morals Committee to enforce the rules and regulations of the school, however she wasn’t in the series much and she became my favorite because her interaction with the Student Council like after she met up with Medaka Kurokami who had some positive impact on Onigase helping her realize that the members of the Student Council were not all that bad even if they break some rules here and there. So yeah this series wasn’t too bad, but there were plenty of points that I didn’t like too much, for example like how overpowered Medaka is? She seems to be way too strong, but I can overlook that part a bit. So what is next for this series? There appears to be a second season in the works which makes me excited to see what happens next so I can’t wait to see what will happen next with Medaka Box.

Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki took me by surprise at first and the plot didn’t catch my attention right away, but I let my curiosity get the better of me because it might be pretty good right? After seeing a few episodes I was happy I did because this anime climbs all the way to the top of my favorite for spring 2012. I was hooked after the first two episodes and I kept wanting more! Like what is going to happen to these girls next time and how will things end and what type of drama will the wishes cause and so forth.

What I enjoyed most about this series was the wishes the girls made every week and thankfully the previews didn’t really spoil any of the crazy wishes which made everything exciting leaving me to wonder what kind of trouble will they get themselves into. The character that stood out the most for me was Yuka Hanaki she is the troublemaker of the group and she hardly ever thinks things through before acting, but in the end she always brought the four girls  back together. I just like how she’s always cheerful and sorta reminds me of myself in the cheerful manner and she had some of the best expressions making her so much fun to watch.

The best episode for me was episode ten called “Typhoon Ghosts, Today’s Memories” it was about the girls using the wishing rock to help them remember when they explored the haunted hotel when they were children, I wasn’t sure if the wish had worked until they ran into their younger selves, I was like.. “wow they are even smaller!” The shock on their faces when they finally met their younger selves was great! Later in the episode they  followed their younger selves into the haunted hotel where they ended up getting attacked and locked in a small room by the little girls. I don’t want to give too much more but I liked this episode because it it was both funny to watch and sorta cute how they got to meet themselves and interact with each other to the end.

For a slice of life anime watching the girls grow stronger bonds with each other and a little bit of drama thrown in to spice things up, comedy wise this show was very entertaining to watch. Its anime like this that makes me really happy that I was willing to give it a shot.

“Judge a book by the cover”

I often falls short and I know that it’s bad to judge and anime based on it cover art, Now I look at the cover art if it gets my attention, then i’ll read what the show is going to be about seeing if its really going to be a good series .lately I’ve told myself that I will give any show a shot and try to give it a chance by watching at least the first three episodes before I decide to drop it. These shows have helped me to not judge by the cover art and just watch series that sound neat or strange.

With that these are just a few highlights of my favorite spring anime that I enjoyed! So I wanted to start it off as my first post on my new blog I hope you enjoyed reading it so feel free to drop a comment  or tell me what you  liked over the spring season.


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